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A free desktop game app for Windows

Xbox Console Companion is a game utility application developed to help users find possible teammates easily. Through its Looking for Group and Club features, you will be able to find co-players that you can play with on your favorite games. It also allows you to join gamer communities or even create your own based on your interests. This software is a free, all-in-one Xbox game app that brings a revolution in multiplayer gaming.  

What does the Xbox Console Companion do?

Xbox Console Companion allows you to stay closely connected in the Xbox community to see what your friends are playing and to share various game clips and screenshots. Gaming history is available for you to access anytime. You can view all your memorable gaming moments and check out your achievements by game, game clips, and screenshots you’ve captured as well as all the Gamerscore you’ve earned.across all your devices. Moreover, you can also join or start party chats along with your friends while playing either the same or different multiplayer games, and no matter what device they use to play on.  

On another note, you will be able to stream your favorite games and entertainment in more places at your home. But, you must make sure that you have another working Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet, and the area you are in reaches a stable WiFi connection. The Xbox game collection can allow you from screen to screen and can be played across different platforms. You can continue engaging with friends by messaging your Xbox community to discuss the latest gaming topics, obtain gaming tips, or join forces for epic gaming adventures.

How to add people to the Xbox Companion app? 

Adding a friend through the Xbox Console Companion app can be done in simple steps. First, you must click the Xbox button to open the guide. Then, you need to press the sign-in button and scroll down to select the account you will use to log-in. Once you’re done logging in, you should click the Xbox button to open the guide once again. 

Go to the Friends & Club section and press Find Someone. You will need to know the Gamertag of the player you wish to invite. Once found, you can then select the add friend to add the person's Gamertag to your list of play friends.

Breakthrough Xbox game app   

Xbox Console Companion is a highly recommended game utility application, especially for players who enjoy playing Xbox One games with friends or random strangers. The app revolutionizes your Xbox experience by offering more fun and interactive features. With this, you will be able to bring your Xbox gameplay and collection across many screen devices that your stable WiFi connection can reach.


  • Find possible teammates
  • Best multiplayer game experience
  • Relive your gaming history
  • Stream your favorite games across more screen devices


  • Requires stables internet connection for best game experience


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